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Cessna Citation Mustang

Base data

MakeCessna Citation
Registration No.FORIGN
Last Annual Inspection2017-07-07
No. of Passengers5
Total Time (TTAF)1110
LocationBerlin, Germany
AttributesIFR certified, IFR equipped, Always Hangared,
Priceon request


Number of engines2
Engine DescriptionThe Cessna Citation Mustang is powered by 2 Pratt & Whitney Canada PW615F-A engines mounted on the on each side on the rear of the Citation Mustang. The Cessna Citation Mustang Engine is built by Pratt & Whitney Canada through the PW600 series program. Pratt & Whitney Canada builds the PW615F-A engine exclusively for the Citation Mustang very light jet. The Cessna Citation Mustang Engine - PW615F-A has a 2.8 to 1 bypass ratio and a counter-rotating twin-spool design with 3 compression stages and 2 turbine stages. 1,460 pounds of thrust is provided by each of the PW615F-A engines at sea level. Pratt & Whitney Canada's PW615F-A engine is controlled by 2, dual channel full authority digital engine controls (FADEC) that is found in the tailcone of the Citation Mustang. To help provide the right amount of trust at certain parts of a flight, the Cessna Citation Mustang engine thrust levers have detents that allow pilots to easily adjust thrust to match the best choice for the phase of flight (Takeoff, Climb, Cruise, Idle). The Cessna Citation Mustang Engines have wide-ranging engine diagnostic capabilities for maintenance personnel. The PW615F-A engine has a continuous loop fire detection system that monitors the engine area for a fire. Fire extinguishing in the PW615F-A (Citation Mustang Engine) is provided by a single-fire system using Halon.

Engine 1
Power1350 lbf
Engine Total Time1110
TBO (hours/years)3500

Engine 2
Power1350 lbf
Engine Total Time1110
TBO (hours/years)3500


AvionicsGarmin G1000 featuring Jeppesen Charts, SafeTaxi dual 10.4 inch LCD Control Display Unit –
GDU 1040A
Traffic Advisory System (TAS) - King KTA 870
Single 15 inch LCD MFD – GDU 1500
Dual Engine/Airframe Adapter – GEA 71
Dual Digital Air Data Computers – GDC 74B
Dual Attitude & Heading Reference Systems AHRS – GRS 77
Dual Magnetometers – GMU 44
HF Comm. Radio KHF 1050
Dual Integrated Avionics Units – VHF Com, VHF Nav/Loc, Glideslope, GPS & Flight Director –
Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) – KN 63
Automatic Direction Finder Equipment (ADF) - Becker 3500
Remote Flight Management System (FMS) MFD – GCU 475
Dual Mode S Transponder with Antenna Diversity – GTX 33D
TAWS-B with Worldwide Terrain & Obstacle Database
Weather Radar – GWX 68 XM Weather Data link – GDL 69A
Garmin GFC 700 Autopilot w/ GMC 710 Mode Controller
Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) capable sent signal of 121.5, 243.0 and 406.028 MHz
EquipmentScenario A trip with full fuel (2.580Ibs) at gross weight (8.730Ibs) with zero wind:
1 pilot with 3 PAX and luggage will fly Zurich – Madrid (700nm) in FL340 in 2:10h burning 1.420Ibs
1 pilot with 3 PAX and luggage will fly Zurich – Kiev (900nm) in FL 370 in 2:45h burning 1.700Ibs
Scenario B trip with max payload, limited fuel (2.180Ibs) at gross weight (8.730Ibs) with zero
1 pilot with 5 PAX and luggage will fly Zurich – Warsaw (550nm) in FL330 in 1:50h burning
1.300Ibs total
1 pilot with 5 PAX and luggage will fly Zurich – Bucharest (750nm) in FL350 in 2:30h burning
1.600Ibs total
Inspection statusCitation Mustang enrolled on CESCOM, no engine or airframe program. 03/2010 L/H and R/H starter generator replaced 05/2014 nose wheel tire replaced 07/2015 left engine inboard igniter replaced 07/2015 engines 450h/12 month inspection and desalination wash performed 07/2015 L/H and R/H MLG brake overhauled 07/2015 L/H and R/H MLG tires replaced 07/2015 performed Inspection Documents 01, 06, 13, 14, 21, 22, 31, 34, 35 and MD
Other remarksThis Citation Mustang was delivered from factory to its first owner in 10/2009. With that, it is still
under its first ownership and has been well looked after. Since registered, it has always been
maintained at the same Cessna Authorized Service Facility. All logbooks are available SNEW. It is
being flown from one pilot, the owner and has never used for any kind of charter operation. It is
based in a private hangar with no other aircrafts in the hangar. All logbooks are available SNEW.
Registration markings are decals.
The Citation Mustang is a typical jet in the lower jet class offering itself as a perfect entry jet for
upgrading aircraft owners and clients. It has a better full fuel payload and range compared to the
CJ and CJ1. The Garmin 1000 avionic system makes it easy to operate it single pilot taking lots of
workload from the pilot. It enables the possibility of travelling distances across Europe fast with low
direct operating costs. The cabin of the Citation Mustang makes you feel comfortable with the after
facing seats being able to recline. Dual executive writing tables enable the possibility of working
while cruising high or just being able to enjoy an executive meal.

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